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October 23 2017

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October 22 2017

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October 21 2017

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October 20 2017


TIL that Gothic literature makes a distinction between “terror” and “horror.” Terror is the sense of dread and apprehension that precedes an experience, horror is the sense of revulsion after an experience.

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Had a gorgeous lunch with Pompa at @theshipwandsworth ! I may die a very happily of overeating great food 🤤 (at The Ship, Wandsworth.)

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Bowie sighting! (at Clapham Junction railway station)

October 19 2017

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My beautiful assistant is tuning my uke for me a full step down… I finally jotted down my arrangement for I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire and will put it up on my site soon!

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Maybe he’s running from the truth



The reading comprehension and overall common sense on this website is piss poor.

how dare you say we piss on the poor


“money can’t buy happiness” is such a baby boomer concept like…. I don’t want excessive wealth to buy a golf plated toilet seat Karen, I just wish I wasn’t crying because I can’t afford both spaghetti and rent after working 40 hours a week

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@mayorclaypuppington @batterswing

*blip blorp blip blorp bloop borp*

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@indigopersei is the french language just always on the verge of getting someone accused of assault or..?

my friend,
if only you knew

It’s a very dangerous language to learn

Here’s an interesting thing about French! Everything needs to have an article in front of it. That’s why it’s “la chat” as opposed to just “chat”. So, for instance, you could say la fille for the girl, or jeune fille for young girl, but you can’t just say fille, because that means you are calling her a sex worker in a derogatory way.

The moral of the story is, if you want to make something rude in French, just take out the article in front of it. Yes, this works for nearly. every. word.

#now I’m wondering how often my high school french teacher was silently screaming because of this little fact

Every year. Every year there’s that kid who forgets that you can’t translate “I am excited” to “Je suis excitée”. And every year Monsieur Jordan has to slam the brakes before that kid can finish his sentence and then tactfully ask him not to announce to the class that he is horny.

“is the french language always on the verge” oh buddy, oh pal, i am so happy to break this news to you: 





today at work a customer’s card didn’t go through so I asked them to try again and it worked that time and I mixed up saying “there we go” and “there it goes” and I ended up saying “there we goes" and I just

why is this so funny

he’s a natural fit at walmart
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Because sometimes what you need most is to go on a vicarious camping trip with a completely kawaii hedgehog. His name is Azuki and the Coleman company, maker of outdoor products, kitted him out with a complete set of teeny-tiny camping gear.

“I am leaving for the first camp of Azuki from today! I want to make it fun camp. I asked Coleman to help me build a tent. The inside of the tent is comfortable…Lunch in nature feels better than usual. Camp food is so good….The camp was so much fun…The stars were very beautiful last night.”

Follow Azuki the hedgehog on Instagram to keep up with his latest impossibly cute adventures.


[via Laughing Squid]

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Always reblog big kitties with their leetle kitties.


I am really happy the house cat was included at the bottom, haha

“You can’t call them black magicians,” I said.
“You realize that we’re using black in its metaphorical sense here,” said Nightingale.
“It doesn’t matter,” I said. “Words change what they mean, don’t they? Some people would call me a black magician.”
“You’re not a magician,” he said. “You’re barely even an apprentice.”
“You’re changing the subject,” I said.
“What should we call them?” he asked patiently.
“Ethically challenged magical practitioners,” I said.

Peter Grant from Moon over Soho, written by Ben Aaronovitch

It’s this kind of witty dialgoue that makes the Rivers of London series brilliant. I adore that this series really captures the multi-racial aspect of London.

(via xserpx)

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High quality content.

black cats giving me high quality bleps is a big mood

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